April 12

…let us go forth to Him, outside the camp… Hebrews 13:13

This verse is at first puzzling, since the ‘camp’ is that of the people of God! Does this mean we are always to be leaving God’s people? Not at all. All of God’s people are given this invitation to seek and know the Lord. We are all to make sure that we have a point of reference in our lives apart from the spiritual atmosphere in our Church. There has to be something in our lives that is set aside entirely for God, by which we maintain our bearings on our pilgrim walk with Him. No matter how good our Church or group is, it cannot replace this place with God, where we draw our strength and purpose. No fellowship with God’s people can attain the purity and inspiration that we can only draw from direct face-to-face fellowship with God. If we neglect this place, the atmosphere of our lives and then of the Church will steadily decline; it will attain a purpose and joy that are derived from preferences, not from the will of God Himself. So rise up, and get alone with God this day.