January 8

…let us go on to perfection Hebrews 6:1

Go on!  The idea of mastering something to perfection is daunting.  We start to learn a language, never expecting that we could really be fluent.  We start to learn a musical instrument, never expecting we could play in an orchestra.  Similarly, we follow Jesus with the expectation that we will always be handicapped by sin and unbelief.  But in this verse we are confronted with the challenge to lift up our eyes to God’s goal – that we should be perfect.  Of course, we all accept that one day in heaven we shall be perfect, but the emphasis here is that we should get off the ‘merry-go-round’ that turns around the same spot for ever.  Salvation is the first step through an open door.  Now there is the opportunity to know God and the power of heaven.  So we must go on.  The first obstacle is our habits.  God has changed our hearts, but we have habits of unbelief, of negative thinking.  These habits are like mountains in our path, like trees with deep roots in our lives.  The Holy Spirit challenges us to look the obstacle in the face and calmly declare: “This mountain shall be removed.”  Then we must step forward into the day, looking to the Holy Spirit to give us hope that these habits shall dissolve and disappear as we confront them.  God says we will be like Jesus, in our faith, our love, our holiness, our thinking, our habits – in all things.  Don’t be fainthearted!  Go on!