February 25

Let Us make man in Our image… Genesis 1:26

Mankind is made in the image of God, which means that there is something about us that is God-like. Clearly, it is not in knowledge or power or wisdom that we are God-like! It is in the fact that we have the capacity to love, the capacity for conscious thought, and the capacity for moral choice. By these we have fellowship with God, and by fellowship with God we discover the reason we are here – to know Him, love Him and serve Him for ever. The key to all these things is the point at which we depend on God, and this aspect of us is very unlike God, for He depends on no-one. We must lean on God, or else all our wonderful human qualities are ruined and distorted. You were made to trust and lean on God, and to be filled with His loving Spirit to make you all that He intends you to be.