January 9

Let us therefore be diligent to enter… Hebrews 4:11

Go in! The Holy Spirit is constantly challenging us to take things into account that we cannot know naturally – the ‘natural man’ has no knowledge of them – 1 Corinthians 2:14. Here in Hebrews the Spirit is speaking a great word to believers, revealing a realm that is within our reach. We will not drift into it by accident – we must enter in by faith. It is not a realm of more information – it is the realm of powerful Presence, of holiness, of righteousness, peace and joy. This realm is shut off to the sinner till he repents and believes. This realm is of a different order from everything we know naturally. There is nothing like it. It is a realm where God is revealed, where He is King, where other laws operate. It can be consciously entered, or else how should we ever know we had entered? The saved man or woman is made for this realm – it is our inheritance. We were saved when we became as little children, and we must enter into the holy Presence of God with the humility of little children. The point is that children must be taught. The child of God must never lose the childlike wonder of discovering God’s love and the realm of Father’s touch. Don’t wait to be better! Go in, and you will find things at work immediately that make you a better person. The Presence of God makes us better than our best, because it is not us, it is Him in us.