January 25

Lord, I knew you to be a hard man… Matthew 25:24

Many religions of the world have taught that God is implacable, and that there is nothing we can do to change God’s will or move Him to compassion. The result is a deadly passivity, a state of resignation – believing in fate and an utter powerlessness to change anything. This, of course, is most of all a slanderous insult to God. God cares about us; He loves us all, and watches over us tirelessly to seek to awaken things in our hearts that will reach out to Him. It is true that God alone is sovereign. No person can claim that they are equal to God in respect of free will. But God is not hard; He is generous and shares freedom of will with His beloved human race. We are not treated as brute beasts or even amusing pets. We are treated by God with loving, generous respect. He shares freedom of will with us; it is one of His great gifts to us. So reach out to Him and find that He is waiting for a response, so that He may lavish His loving bounty on you. You are beloved and precious, and He is tender and kind.