March 26

Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Luke 23:42

Of all the prayers in the Bible, this is one of the greatest. It was spoken in such weakness, it was vague, but it was so powerful in its effect, since it was immediately answered. Christ’s answer was to give this sinner an immediate assurance of eternal life. This is the prayer that each of us must obtain an answer to. This is the greatest promise that we can ever receive. What was the key to this answered prayer? The key lies in the attitude of the one praying. He had true fear of God – he believed that he was guilty and without hope apart from the mercy of God. He hardly expected such a mighty answer, but presented his prayer as the cry of his heart. These are the ingredients of effective prayer. When we pray from a place of absolute weakness, casting ourselves only on God’s mercy, and crying to Him from our heart, God cannot turn us away. Such prayer must and will be answered with all the personal authority of the Son of God. Throw away your casual attitude in prayer, tear it up, and talk to Him from your heart. He is longing to hear you truly pray.