October 29

‘And where I go you know, and the way you know.’ Thomas said to Him (Jesus), ‘Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?’ John 14:4-5

Jesus here told Thomas that he knew something, while Thomas clearly was not aware of this knowledge.  Similarly, we may often think we have not heard God’s voice over a certain issue, but Jesus says that His sheep can all hear His voice – John 10:27.  The truth is that we know a whole lot more that we are conscious of, and if we will take time to quieten our hearts, we will become conscious of what we already know.  A Christian from Cameroon was once visiting England, and wanted to see the orphanage that George Muller had established in Bristol.  He arrived at the right address, expecting to see a single building, but could not identify the orphanage among the series of huge buildings that he found there.  He asked a passer-by where he could find the orphanage, and was astounded to discover that he was already looking at it – all the huge buildings around him were the orphanage.  His expectation had simply been blinding his eyes to recognise what was in plain sight.  The same is often true of God’s communications to our hearts.  We pray, “Speak to me Lord, or give me a sign”, but God says, “I have spoken, and if you will quieten your heart you will find that you already know my word and my will.”  When Jesus rose from the dead, again Thomas knew deep down that it was true, but it was only later, when he saw the Lord, that he blurted out his realisation of what he had already known, when he exclaimed to Jesus, “My Lord and My God!” – John 20:28.  It is a breathtaking joy to realise that we are God’s children and that He is always speaking to us at a deeper level than we ever thought possible.