March 14

So God created man in His own image… Genesis 1:27

…man became a living being. Genesis 2:7

The image of God in our lives means that we have a consciousness, a thought-life, that can have fellowship with God.  This unity of consciousness means that when I close my eyes I am conscious of myself and can be conscious of God, and share my life with Him.  I can understand Him and know Him.  This is because the human soul, though it is limited, is designed to embrace the eternal God.  Truly, we are a strange mixture of glory and clay.  We know our clay!  But we must also know the glory, and that is to entertain God in the house of our inner life.  See your life for what it is – a house with an inner room like the Temple or the Tabernacle.  That inner room is the key that gives meaning to the whole of the house.  If the inner room is neglected, or even misused, then the house is a ruin, but when it is cleaned and used to receive the Presence of the King, the whole house hums with a purpose, and songs of joy echo through the windows.  Your mind was designed to think of God, and your soul was designed to be indwelt by God.