February 23

Melchizedek… was the priest of God Most High. Genesis 14:18

To meet Melchizedek must have been an awesome experience. He was steeped in the Presence of God. The point here is that he is like Christ in His priesthood. Christ is a man of prayer just like Melchizedek, and that is a statement of the depth to which this man had attained. And, by the indwelling Christ, you have access to the same prayer life. It is yours by gift, not by striving. You have the Spirit of the praying Son of God in you and you are a person with direct, intimate access to God. You do not merely have to aspire to this – you must receive it as a revealed fact and begin to live it. We are all conscious of failure in prayer. Get beyond that. Get beyond the condemnation of falling short, and get into the Spirit of the One who carries you beyond what is humanly possible. You can dwell deep with God, drinking of His peace and love, beholding His face. This is your inheritance. The Lord has sworn and will not change His mind – you are a priest for ever after the order of Jesus Christ.