September 17

My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. Psalm 62:5

The greatest man who ever lived was Jesus Christ. He held within His heart all the secrets of creation, and if He had so desired He could have developed His soul and mind to limitless heights. He could have given mankind any of the discoveries that are so highly acclaimed today. But instead of choosing a life of natural development, He chose the path of developing His inner dependence and attention to the voice of God. The most obvious outworking of this was in His chosen profession. He became a carpenter, and remained so for His entire youth. This involved great spiritual challenge for One so gifted as He. He was faced with issues of self-denial, exercise of patience and humility, of faith and trust, of love and obedience. Following this path equipped Him to fulfil His burning passion, which was to know God, to commune with Him, to plumb the depths of God’s compassion and mercy. He chose to wait on God alone. Waiting on God is not primarily a state of mind – that would be to reduce it to psychology. Waiting on God is primarily a moral choice that we must renew daily and continually. It is the constant denial of self in all its forms, positive and negative, in order to choose the knowledge of God. Jesus knew that the only cure for the human condition is the knowledge of God. Christians can help the world in many ways, but the only help that will reach the real problem of the human heart is to discover God and make Him known.