July 1

…not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit… Titus 3:5

What credit can we take for our salvation?  An African story tells how the elephant and the ant teamed up to work together.  The ant rode on the elephant’s back, staying close to its ear in order to communicate with the elephant.  They came to a bridge and the ant said: “Let’s shake the bridge!”  The elephant nodded solemnly and set off across the bridge, and with only the slightest extra effort the bridge began to sway under its pounding feet.  People fled from the bridge in fear.  When the elephant had crossed the bridge, the ant lifted itself up, stretched its legs and declared: “We really shook that bridge!”  We are similarly inclined to forget how little we bring to God’s kingdom.  We boast that it is we who prayed (whispered in the elephant’s ear), as if we had also answered the prayer!  The worst boast would be for us to claim to have made a significant contribution to our salvation – e.g. “I left a lucrative career in a casino to follow Christ.”  None of our acts of repentance or faith actually contributed to the salvation God bestowed upon us by grace – they just opened the door for Him to do it.  It is astonishing humility on God’s part that He sees us as co-workers with Him, even as partners.  The result is powerful beyond our wildest dreams.  Thank God that He works together with you, and there is nothing that you will face today or throughout your life that together you cannot get through!