December 28

Now therefore, give me this mountain… Joshua 14:12

Here we see Caleb’s fighting spirit of faith! There is a strength and a boldness in true faith that is the opposite of passivity. It is not right to exalt passivity – simply accepting all our circumstances with resignation. God has made promises, and He is determined to fulfil them. Christ came actively to seek and to save that which was lost. As believers, we must wholeheartedly lay hold of God for His promises. This does not mean that we are fighting God, for we should always be careful to acknowledge God’s sovereign hand in our lives. But neither does it mean that we look at our weaknesses, sins and sicknesses as if God is unable to do anything for us. God is all-powerful, and He desires to use His power and authority on behalf of those who love Him. Caleb looked at the mountain which was occupied by giants, and his faith rose to the challenge and declared that this was the very kind of situation where the glory of God could be made known. Whatever your mountain, and whatever the giants, boldly claim God’s help to overcome and stand victorious in the fight. Whatever the outcome, we are to be victors, not victims – rejoicing in God’s comfort and help in the midst of battle.