June 29

O Lord, how long shall I cry, and You will not hear? Even cry out to You, ‘Violence!’ and You will not save. Habakkuk 1:2

Habakkuk’s prayer is defiant, asking God about his lack of action despite much prayer.  God did not rebuke Habakkuk for speaking his mind, because he directed his complaints straight to God.  We damage ourselves when we complain to ourselves about God, and worst of all to friends and even unbelieving neighbours.  It is hard to cover up inner disappointments, and they have a habit of surfacing at embarrassing moments.  The answer is to go to God with all your conflicts and confusion, and pour them out to Him.  God has the ability to absorb all our frustration, as long as we mix it with submission.  Submission means that we must listen to God, for He will answer.  Listening is not an easy habit, it involves self-denial and faith, but there are great rewards.  Go to God, tell Him your true feelings and then pray that God will change you and touch you.  There is nowhere else to go!  It is only as we draw near to God that we find an answer to our hurting hearts.  The government of the universe is not going to be transferred to us.  God will include us in His government, and listen to what we say, but He Himself has the far-seeing eye and the depth of understanding.  As we draw near, we not only have influence, we are influenced!  Prayer is effective in changing the world on every level, both in the answers received, and in the effect of God on the person praying.