March 21

On earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

This encompasses the whole prayer of the believer. There are states which people live in, which God does not intend for us. By the work of the cross, a door has been opened in Christ for us to partake of the power of the age to come, and this includes enjoyment of the states of heaven in our lives here and now. While we may often hear the voice of caution, that reminds us of our imperfections, yet we also need to meditate on this prayer that Jesus taught us to pray, that heaven would come down. What is the greatest thing about heaven? Quite simply, that God is known, He is unveiled, and His name and nature are declared. On earth there is ignorance about God; even in Churches, sometimes things are said and done in ways that are simply not truly representative of God. Where God is unveiled there is not merely excitement, there is deliverance from all the petty doubts and fears and small-mindedness of earth. Human glory looks like year-old bread in the light of His Presence. Money, whether it is abundant or lacking, becomes a non-issue. God is enough, and we are to know Him and make Him known. This is heaven on earth.