October 25

Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? Romans 6:3

Back in the 1950s, a Kenyan entered his name into a lottery for the American Green Card (work permit) and, to his amazement, won.  He saved his money and bought a passage on a liner that left from Mombasa and docked in New York 3 weeks later.  He had very little money, and so was only able to take a little food with him on board, which he quickly finished.  He made friends with other passengers, but whenever they went to the restaurant he quickly excused himself and went to his cabin to nurse his hunger alone.  As the ship neared New York, one of his new friends was unable to hide his curiosity, and asked him why they had never seen him eat.  Being so near New York, he felt free to explain that he had not got enough money to eat, just enough for his passage to America.  “You didn’t know?”, exclaimed his friend.  “Your meals were all covered in the price of the ticket!”  Ignorance can be a terrible tragedy, both in natural and in spiritual life.  Thousands of winning lottery tickets go unclaimed, as do legacies and other benefits.  But most tragic of all, Christians can live in spiritual poverty, when all the time God has given us the true source of all power in Christ Himself.  If God asks us to live like His Son, then He must provide the same resources that Christ Himself enjoyed.  God has done even better than that, in that He has given us Christ Himself and, with Him, all the resources and power that are in Him.  This includes all the power that He won in the battle of the cross.  As Christ conquered, so can we, because His victory is included in the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Draw on the limitless resources of Christ, to live for Him today.