January 27

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Matthew 6:9

This is where all prayer begins – not for our problems, but for the glory of God. Yes, there is a prayer of getting right with God – that is a prayer of confession, repentance and faith. But the Christian life is not a life-long struggle to get right with God, though that is what it seems to be for some people! When we turn to Him and believe, we are totally accepted. From then on, our prayers should no longer be focused on ourselves in the same sort of way. We need to learn quickly that prayer is not primarily about polishing our spirituality, or for ever bringing our problems to God. Prayer is about the glory of God, the honour of His name. Prayer is for Him. In your praying, take time to consider God and pray for His glory. This will impact all of your praying and thinking. You will see problems as much smaller and easier to solve, if only God Himself is glorified. There is something so depressing about focusing on problem-solving. It is like a wedding feast without a bride. The focus is wrong and there is no reason to be glad. Once we get our focus right, delight enters in, for God is jealous of His glory.