January 10

…run with endurance the race that is set before us… Hebrews 12:1

Go through! The Christian life has mountain-tops – moments of exhilaration. But these are interspersed with periods of ordinary things, and sometimes with times of grief, pain and loss. If we moan in the midst of ordinary things, we unravel the rainbow that was woven on the mountain-top. We are called to enter into the holiest of all, and then to take that glory into the dullest corners of the universe. Glory made flesh does not dazzle by the spectacular, but by the extraordinary patience and endurance that is exhibited by the sons of God. The Christian life is not a 100-metre dash; it is a 26-mile marathon! Thank God we are not racing against each other – all who finish win the race. The temptation is to forget what we have seen in the Holy Place. We are to run with endurance, knowing that the hardest moments will come when our own bodies are screaming at us to give up. We acquire likeness to Christ as we steadfastly keep our eyes on Jesus. It is through endurance that we acquire the essential Christlike quality of ruggedness. We partake of His sufferings, His loneliness, His unselfishness, and thereby His holiness is made enduring and unfading in us.