May 9

Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right? Genesis 18:25

God judges the world continually. He is in charge. Often Christians feel that they are serving the God who lives in the Church and is waiting to be active at the end of time. Many secretly believe that He is largely powerless in the affairs of the nations. But the truth is that we often know God only as children know their father – they see him at home, he loves them and cuddles them and plays with them. He is their personal father. But he also has a greater role in society, of which the child knows nothing. My father was a policeman, and once I read in the newspaper about how he had caught a speeding motorist by chasing him in his police car. I normally saw nothing of this side of my father’s life, and so it is with Christians. We see little of Father’s activity in governing the universe. To really enter into prayer for the nations, we must see our God at work in the nations. We are not praying that He might work, but pleading with Him regarding the way that He will work. God will always decide the future of the nations. He is the one who humbles, punishes, exalts and blesses the nations. Make sure you do not serve a merely ‘private’ God, but the true and living God of all the earth.