March 13

So God created man in His own image… Genesis 1:27

This is one of the greatest statements about mankind in the Bible.  It refers to the origin of mankind.  Mankind did not begin in sin, nor did we begin in some primitive form, coming out of the jungles!  Mankind in its original state was much more than it is now.  We were created to bear the stamp of the divine in our life and character.  In that perfect state, there was no sin or death, no sickness or suffering, no distortion of any kind.  The human mind was clear and many times more powerful than it is now.  So, what we are now is a shadow of what we were meant to be.  The purpose of God has never changed, and though our lives now are limited by our bodily dullness, by a life shortened by death, yet God’s purpose for us has never changed.  He intends us to bear the image and stamp of Himself.  The redemption of the cross is clearly in two parts – the first in our inner life, to restore us to fellowship with God, and the second in bodily life, to release us from death, with all the sickness and pain associated with it.  This second part will only be ours in perfection at our resurrection, and so today we live in the experience of inner release from sin and, by that, with assurance of our full release at Jesus’ return.  His will is that you be like Him.  Embrace it today with faith for the present and hope for the future.