March 27

…tell me where you have laid Him, and I will take Him away. John 20:15

Mary Magdalene had come to Jesus’ tomb without a thought of the stone that blocked the entrance. Now that the stone had been rolled away, Mary still sought for His body, with a heart so full of love that she did not consider the difficulty of lifting and handling Jesus’ body. Her cry was for Him, even though it was only His outer shell that she could find. Mary loved Jesus, and this moment goes to the heart of all that the gospel is about. There was nothing merely theological or technical, not even religious, in Mary’s response. She longed to anoint Jesus’ body as a last act of farewell to that matchless Presence, that loving teacher, that commanding voice, that healing hand. The gospel is not an idea – it is a person, it is Jesus. Perhaps the apostles loved Him with the same breaking heart. But something held them back from this abandoned worship that filled Mary’s heart. Perhaps it was rational caution. Perhaps it was raw fear for their lives. But Mary was blinded with longing to touch Him with kindness again, and to be drawn close to that wondrous sense that all is well and all will be well, because He is. Salvation is found, not in a doctrinal emphasis, but in a life poured out at the feet of Jesus, to receive His forgiveness and His Lordship over all that I am and shall ever be. Will you take Him today? Will you let your heart be surprised by the fact that He is waiting to take you this day? Don’t let caution or the opinions of others hold you back from pouring yourself out in worship before Him.