March 7

…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow… Philippians 2:10

It is clear that one day every knee shall bow to Jesus.  On that day it will be evident that every human being lives before God, because the resurrection of all – just and unjust – will have taken place.  God will then command all the spirits of unbelieving people and devils to bow before Jesus.  Whether kicking or screaming, they will all obey.  But we must not believe that God does not yet have this power.  He does have this power now.  When God invites or suggests, we may refuse, but when God commands, whether it be in a whisper or with a voice of thunder, what He says will immediately take place.  The commands of God are not mere thoughts or suggestions – they are spiritual events; they create, they form, they seize hold of people.  God is the LORD, He alone is God, and there is no other.  He alone has authority.  See all your enemies under His feet.  All is subject to Him, whether willingly or not.  For us, we bow with joy, we seek and love His rule and pray with all our hearts: ‘Your kingdom come, O Lord!’