June 23

In the beginning was the Word… That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world. John 1:1, 9

Christ is the Light of the world. Physical sunlight provides nutrition in green plants, and sustains plant life. It produces vitamin D, which is vital for healthy human bodies. Sunlight warms the earth and keeps conditions right for all of life. It brightens our minds and refreshes our hope. All these are mere physical effects. Christ is uncreated Light. He shines through and imparts life to those who receive the Light of His penetrating Presence. He is the Light that releases our hearts as we wait before Him. He awakens hope and washes our beings free from unbelief and all negative things. As we wait on God, we are transformed into His image – 2 Corinthians 3:18. Light indicates an increase of understanding – not understanding that comes just from study, but from the realisation of the Person. Our minds are weak and our understanding clouded until we receive the Light of Christ’s Presence. Study, but go to Christ by faith. Receive the ministry of His life-giving Presence. Spiritual darkness includes unbelief, sinful attitudes, depressions and fears. Do not wait to overcome these things by the force of human understanding alone. Go into the Presence of Jesus. Imagine a person in total darkness, pleading for light. What use would it be to tell them to drive away the darkness first, as a condition for bringing in the light! In the same way, Christ does not tell us to make ourselves clear and bright. He bids us come to Him.