April 21

The Lord is risen indeed… Luke 24:34

By the end of the day of Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples had come to faith that He really was risen.  Their emotions had gone through a roller-coaster, starting with deep despair, then sudden hope, which was confirmed throughout the day with more and more testimonies of the risen Saviour.  At last they came to the wonderful conclusion that He really was risen!  The same is true for us.  The resurrection changes everything for ever for those who really believe it and grasp the implications.  Jesus rose from the dead and created in Himself a new humanity.  Although we are not risen with Him in body, yet in spirit we are risen with Him.  The resurrection tells us that there is nothing of darkness that can ever stop Him or His people.  This is the foundation of joy, and the fountain of eternal security.  Let it sink in!  Christ is risen, and blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed.