January 30

…the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’… And let him who thirsts come. Revelation 22:17

The Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to us to come to Jesus; and the bride – those who love Him – says the same thing.  Sometimes we react to their pleading with hesitation, wondering if we are worthy; sometimes we hold back because of hurts.  We look down on ourselves and into ourselves.  The result is that we say in our hearts, “I can’t come”.  The turning point is reached when we speak to ourselves, and give ourselves a push towards the waters of life.  There can be a thousand reasons presented to us as to why we should turn to Jesus and drink of His life this day, but the only thing that will make it happen is when we at last agree with the Spirit and the bride, and appeal to our inner selves.  This is true in so many areas of spiritual life.  People have told us what we must do, we know it, but we pray for a word from God and hang back.  Speak to yourself and exhort yourself, rise up in faith and do what God has been telling you to do.