February 6

Then fear came upon every soul… Acts 2:43

This blessing of godly fear came upon all who were present on that great Day of Pentecost, including the apostles. Of course, the new converts were touched with fear because of the great Unknown that had just invaded their lives. They had been pierced to the heart with a terrible conviction of sin, and then had passed into the joy of forgiveness and into the Kingdom of God, through being filled with the Holy Spirit. But the apostles, too, were filled with fear. This indicates that they were also suddenly aware that they had misjudged Jesus Christ – they had underestimated Him, they had been caught off-guard by the greatness, the holiness, the majesty and the wonder of the risen Christ. They had known Him briefly after He was resurrected, but now they knew Him from the inside, and the realisation filled them with godly fear. Fear of God is awe coupled with deepest reverence. The effect of the same fear in an unbeliever who does not know God is sheer terror. There is so much about God that we do not know. Sometimes we act as though we knew so much, when to heaven we must appear like complete beginners. Let the fear of God touch your heart today, and you will receive wisdom and understanding that will wash your thoughts and direct your steps.