August 13

Then many came to Him and said, ‘John performed no sign, but all the things that John spoke about this Man were true.’ And many believed in Him there. John 10:41-42

John the Baptist had one of the most powerful ministries described in the Bible. He turned the whole nation of Israel back to God; his life and witness stood as a sign that impacted thousands of people. In this verse, the people are analysing John’s ministry and are amazed that he did no miracles. This was technically accurate, since John did not heal the sick and did not have a deliverance ministry. The people nevertheless recognised that his ministry was true and powerful. The truth is that John did not perform signs, because he was himself a sign. It is possible for Christians to get so obsessed with miracles and signs that they live a life of quiet disappointment in themselves, and by inference in God. John the Baptist heard from God and walked in his calling. The result was that many were convicted of sin and turned back to God. Who can doubt that many were healed as a secondary result of this repentance? (Stomach ulcers and heart disease, for instance, can often be traced back to the sin of worry!) Demonic powers were surely broken as people destroyed their idols and addictions. John the Baptist knew his calling was to prepare the way for Messiah, and to leave the rest to God. Our calling is to love and exalt Jesus, and to believe Him to do the miracles. John the Baptist may have been tempted to be jealous of Jesus when people compared their ministry. Resist the temptation to compare yourself with others. God will often keep from our eyes how much He does through us, so that we will keep speaking true things about Him, and not think and talk too much about ourselves!