February 10

Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened… Malachi 3:16

God takes us seriously when we speak encouraging words to one another – words that build each other up and glorify Him. Today you may be longing for a word or sign of encouragement from someone – a letter, a smile, a phone call. You may long for someone to say something to you that will encourage you in your walk with God. And God will surely send someone, for He loves you. But have you thought about being sent yourself? Go into the day and bring God’s touch to people. The act of bringing God to others will itself strengthen you. When you speak the love of God to someone, you are privileged to overhear what God is saying to someone in need. It is so liberating to speak to people about His love and to know that He is listening and He will make what you say real to them, and let you share in that refreshing that they feel. Go out into the day carrying precious seed. You will return rejoicing.