May 3

Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says: ‘Today, if you will hear His voice…’ Hebrews 3:7

The writer here identifies the voice of Scripture as the voice of the Spirit. When we read our Bibles, we are hearing the voice of the Spirit, if only we will listen. The human soul longs for the voice of God. Unbelief constantly longs for things far off, with a sad despondency that tends to give up the battle. The Holy Spirit, on the contrary, challenges us to forget about tomorrow and realise that He is the God of here and now. The force of this verse is to awaken us to sanity and faith. God is not far off. He has deigned to give the world a book which is God-breathed. He then seeks to remove all barriers between us and Himself. There is no time barrier. There is no geographical barrier. God is within our reach, and will always be so. He is within the reach of every person, and in a form by which every person can be sure of Him and have no doubts. God has spoken, and He has caused His speaking to be put into a book. He is constantly speaking to every person who will take that book up and read it with faith. Let the Spirit of true devotion soften your heart and draw you into immediate fellowship with God, today.