March 16

So God created man in His own image… Genesis 1:27

…therefore choose life… Deuteronomy 30:19

God created us with the power of moral choice.   There is, of course, great controversy over this conundrum.  If God is sovereign, what choice can we really have?  The truth is that only God has absolute free will, and for that we can be thankful!  However, in His sovereign grace He has shared this divine characteristic with us.  He grants us moral choice.  True, it is limited, and we cannot choose where and when we are born or we die, nor our eye colour, height, brain size, parents etc.  However, we can choose between right and wrong, and we must.  Not only do we have the power to choose, we have the obligation to choose – it is unavoidable.  We would all like to sit on the fence, blur all the issues and let them pass us by as if we never fully knew.  The priest, the Levite and the good Samaritan did not want to have to make a choice as to whether or not to help their suffering fellow man – Luke 10:30-37.  But when confronted with the facts, to do nothing or something was the greatest moral choice they could make.  Opportunities to exercise our free will are frequent.  It is a God-given dignity.  Use it today for the glory of God.