January 1

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God… Romans 5:1

Remembering this is the best way to start each new day and each New Year. This gift of justification is the foundation of all life for those who follow Jesus. It means that I am no longer living in the shadow of yesterday’s failures, nor in the fear of how I shall live in the future. It is God’s gift to me, and all I need do is to believe in God. My past is as bright and clear as the sunrise on the ocean. My future is as safe as the mountains that catch the earliest rays of the rising sun. My past, my present and my future are in the hands of Jesus, who speaks my name before the throne of grace. By His death and resurrection, I am worthy to receive His Spirit. By this justification and His Spirit, I have access to the Father’s heart; I have confidence that my prayers are heard; I have the joy-strength I need to do His will. Start each day knowing that, before you say or do anything, you are declared right with God by the blood of His Son.