February 12

These all wait for You, that You may give them their food in due season. Psalm 104:27

Jehovah Jireh – Genesis 22:14 – means ‘the Lord will provide’. His people can be confident in Him – He will provide. Have we ever really paused to understand that this is not a blessing He extends to a few who have enough faith? God provides for all that He has made. He provides water and sunshine for every living thing, food for every bird, ant, lion, whale and shrimp. Every cup of water in the ocean, every thimbleful of earth is filled with living creatures. All depend on a supply of sustenance, and God is the provider. God is so bountiful and abundant in His ways, and He has created the world to live in abandoned dependence upon Him. The birds cannot provide for themselves – they don’t sow and reap, for they cannot. Mankind must sow and reap, but we must do so in joyous dependence on God. He cannot fail us, for to do that He would have to cease to be God. No more can He forget you or fail you than He can cease to uphold the whole world of living things that He has made. The creation waits on Him unconsciously, but to us is given the bliss of consciousness – of acting not by instinct, but by choice, and with full appreciation of God’s greatness. Delight yourself in God, who cares for you this day.