July 30

…they saw Jesus walking on the sea…. John 6:19

Christ walks on water.  He walks through the storm and against the wind; He walks over a sea that is raging with ceaseless turmoil.  The point is not that we should also literally walk on water, but that we should walk through the far worse turmoil of life, and the attacks of the wicked one.  The surface on which we walk through life is not solid ground!  It moves beneath our feet.  There are several references to Christ being in a boat in a storm.  Mark 4:37 describes a sea in which it would have been impossible for a normal person to lie still, let alone sleep!  The waves were so violent that they would have left the disciples battered by the frequent knocks against the side of the boat.  But through it all, Christ slept on a pillow.  Truly, He is from above.  The vital point here is that He invites us to partake of the same life and faith, that is rooted in a peace that passes understanding: “Why are you so fearful?  How is it that you have no faith?” – Mark 4:40.  Though Peter failed when he attempted to walk on the water, it also taught him how to stand – he did not perish, but was caught and sustained by the matchless Son of God – Matthew 14:30-31.  Two artists were once asked to draw a picture depicting peace.  One drew a peaceful country view, with fields and a quietly flowing river.  The other drew a cliff face on a dark stormy night, with huge waves beating against it.  In the side of the cliff he drew a nest, where a mother bird covered her young with her wings – that is a better picture of our peace.  We are in the midst of the storm, but we have One who covers us and keeps our hearts in perfect peace.