December 2

They shall be coupled together… Exodus 26:24

The Tabernacle was made of many parts, and of a huge variety of materials – from badger skins to gold, from wood to linen. But all the parts were integrated into one whole. This is a picture of the unity of the Church, and of the need each believer has to be in fellowship with others and to take their place in the body. If we withdraw from the Church, through a sense of its failures and weaknesses, or through personal hurt, we damage ourselves first and the Church too. It is in the Church that we hear faith expressed, and are able to share our struggles with others. Our spiritual life is often impossible to express to those who do not yet have faith. The very act of being with other believers of a like mind should make us breathe a sigh of relief, as we realise that we are not alone. Take time this day, if you can, to fellowship with someone else – by writing a card, making a phone call, or perhaps visiting someone. As you do, your faith will flow through you and will bless that other person, and you will experience the wonder of being a connected part of the people of God.