April 14

…they were all with one accord in one place. Acts 2:1

The New Testament believers here were in the place of prayer, and it is in this place that God moves. We are not to ‘make many prayers’, to build a monument to our own spirituality; we are to find and keep the place of prayer. Where is this place? Jesus describes it in Matthew 6 as the secret place, where Father sees us and pours out His bountiful rewards. It is the place of self-emptying, not self-fulfilment. It is the place of letting go and therefore having capacity to receive. It is the place of absolute confidence in God and a carefree dismissal of trust in our own ability. It is God who moves here, who fills our hearts and stirs us to pray things that we never dreamed of. In the place of prayer, angels ascend and descend Jacob’s ladder – it is the gate of heaven, the house of God. We may find it when our pillow is made of stones and sorrow fills our hearts, or we may find it when we hear the gospel preached. But whenever we find it, we must recognise its power and importance, enter into that place, and never, never lose it. If you can look back on times of prayer – a place before God you once knew – then ask God to show you how to regain it, whatever the cost.