March 5

…those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Galatians 5:24

We do not need to have a hammer and nails in our hands to fulfil this verse, but we do need to have fervency of spirit, and to forsake absolutely a self- and pleasure-centred life, in order to attain the goal of a Christ-centred life.  There was no mercy in the act of crucifixion, and the Christian must not deal mercifully with sin, in whatever form it may present itself to us.  If we deal uncertainly with temptation, we shall find no mercy in the flesh – it will bite the hand that feeds it.  Victory is never far away – it is only a turn away.  We must turn our back on sin, forsaking it with all our heart, and receiving that fragrant perfume of Christ.  Once His Presence touches us, we are instantly aware that the flesh is totally powerless before Him.  Try and face two directions, and the flesh will instantly triumph.  The power to walk in the Spirit is given to you, so turn with all your heart and walk.  When you walk in the Spirit you may not at first realise that you have instantly overcome the flesh, because God’s way is to fill our vision with Himself and cause us to overcome by keeping our eyes on Him, not on our temptations.