January 7

Today, if you will hear His voice… Psalm 95:7

One great aspect of the Holy Spirit’s ministry is the sense of ‘here’ and ‘now’. This is because God is, above all, in the present tense. The devil loves the words ‘tomorrow’, or ‘later’ – constantly building a wall of time between us and God. The devil is also very fond of the word ‘yesterday’ – making us sometimes full of regret, and at other times full of nostalgia. The past has personal horrors that can ruin the present, and it has golden ages to look back on nostalgically and make us feel that we will never know all the blessings that past generations have known. But thank God that the Holy Spirit comes with a resounding ‘Today!’ He brings God to us here and now. The veil has been torn – the veil of sin, the veil of past failures, the veil of my own lacks, the veil of idealism, in fact every barrier between us and God. The Holy Spirit has the art of making God real to us today. Believe, and then look for Him now. Stop asking when, and begin to see His hand in ways that you were previously blinded to. Above all, dare to step out of unbelief and spiritual dullness, into His direct wonderful Presence.