February 2

Wait on the Lord Psalm 27:14

The Holy Spirit is Himself the servant Spirit of heaven. He waits on God and serves the people of God. We do not wait on God because we like quietness, but because we have deeply agreed with the mind of the Spirit, that wills to exalt Christ and the Father. The Holy Spirit is invisible in form, but also it is His will to be unnoticed. The delight of all who wait on God is that they are filled with God’s servant Spirit, and absorbed into God’s serving life. This is the unspeakable joy of the person who waits on God. It is given to him or her to look on God and serve Him. It is not the quietness of meditation, but the hush of concentrated gaze on the living God. Waiting on God is full of the joy of self-denial so that God’s Presence may fill everything, His will prevail, and His rule and kingdom come. Waiting on God is the Spirit of heaven, and it must be the Spirit of God’s people.