July 9

We have much to say about this, but it is hard to explain because you are slow to learn. Hebrews 5:11, NIV

The Bible never censures intellectual weakness; it would be unjust and pointless to do so, since none of us can change our brain’s capacity!  The writer here is not suggesting that his readers should try harder by concentrating more.  The Greek here for “slow to learn” is a word meaning ‘without push’.  The writer is saying what all preachers know: when there is spiritual hunger in a congregation, it draws revelation from the preacher, and he finds an ease in preaching.  God has great things to tell us, but He waits for us to be eager enough to want to receive them.  We can know as much as we really want to.  We are as holy and as prayerful as we really want to be.  God is not chiding our intellectual capacity; He is appealing to the capacity of our hearts, which is directly linked to the way we order our lives.  If we hunger for the world, we will have little grasp of eternal things.  If we hunger for God, God will move heaven and earth to satisfy that hunger.  He will send prophets and apostles into our lives, by books, by encounters, by apparently random events.  If we have no room in our hearts, then we might sit in the very presence of the Son of God, and yet find ourselves bored.  The hungry person will gather up every crumb, and God will make sure that they are satisfied.  Give attention to your heart.  If you heart has become dull, empty it of the rivals to the Presence of God, and watch Him fill you with good things.