July 6

We have not so much as heard whether there is a Holy Spirit. Acts 19:2

The Holy Spirit is content to be invisible, as He loves the glory of Jesus.  Even some believers do not notice Him!  He cannot be known by carnal mankind, since there is no sensitivity to the Spirit of God in sinful people.  Sinners can easily relate to the concept of God as Father and as Son, but they have no concept of what or who the Holy Spirit is.  Most new Christians may think of Him as a power, like electricity.  But the Bible reveals that He is not a power but a Person, with feelings and sensitivity.  Stephen said in Acts 7:51 that the Jewish leaders were “stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears”.  This was a grave insult, especially to a Jew!  Nevertheless, it is true of the whole human race.  The human heart is hardened and our ears are covered with a thick layer of ‘flesh’ that makes us totally unaware of God.  Many people’s conversion takes place when they suddenly become aware of the Presence of God through the Holy Spirit.  What a sad thing to live with such a companion, and ignore Him – not wilfully, but by sheer ignorance or misinformation, or rank unbelief.  God loves you and has provided ‘another Comforter’ who will dwell with you for ever.  Believe in Him, open your heart to Him and receive Him.