February 27

What kind of conversation is this that you have one with another as you walk and are sad? Luke 24:17

The risen Lord drew near to the two men who were travelling to Emmaus, but He was not recognised by them! His Presence was clouded from their sight by their own sadness and disappointment. They had sorrowful hearts, and had not believed the report of His resurrection. The years separate us from the event, but not from the Presence. It is the sadness or unbelief of our hearts that does that. Recognise Him, for He is risen, and He is near. Throw off the cloak of careless words and worldly atmosphere that stifle faith in your heart. He is able to dispel all the mists of our hearts and bring incredible hope to us. Dare to take a long look at the One who may have been so long unrecognised in your daily walk. Let Him bless and break the bread with you, and you will recognise Him. Our hearts need revelation, and He is the One who opens our eyes. When He was revealed, He left them, but at the same time He promised them that He was still with them, though invisible. Don’t look down; look up and see Him, for He is right there beside you.