April 8

When they had twisted a crown of thorns, they put it on His head…. Matthew 27:29

The thorns represent the curse that followed the fall of mankind – Genesis 3:18. On the cross they represent the nature of the human race – that is the opposite of loving embrace. While some of us have a more prickly nature than others, the nature of sin in the human heart is like a thorn bush. When human beings get to know each other, it fairly quickly becomes obvious that misunderstandings and hurts will arise, and there will be a need for forgiveness in order for meaningful relationships to continue. When Christ hung on the cross, He embraced us in our fallen nature, and it was like embracing a bramble bush and clutching it to His chest. Jesus embraced the thorns of our nature to His heart, and absorbed all that we are into Himself; and He transforms us by pouring His love into us and making us like Himself. After we have opened our hearts to the cross, our inner life becomes like a great big pillow of love, and we are able to receive others with loving embrace. Rest daily in His love.