February 13

…yet without sin. Hebrews 4:15

This is one of the most well-known truths among God’s people – that Jesus is the sinless One.  But have we grasped the implications?  Jesus is without blemish, for no worry or fear ever crosses His brow, no shadow of a depressive thought ever darkens His heart.  He never thinks a mean or vindictive thought about anyone.  He is never selfish or hurt.  All of these things are impossible to Him, for He cannot think evil.  Jesus is holy, and He has been tested beyond our imagination and has stood the test.  He is holy through and through.  It is with such a One that we have fellowship.  He pities us, but does not extend to us sympathy, but hope.  He says to us quite simply: ‘Follow Me’!  He knows the way through the maze, through the snares and temptations.  He offers us the wonder of fellowship with a sinless life.  We may not be sinless in this world, but we can turn away from our constant fellowship with mean, sinful thoughts and behaviour, and have fellowship with the most amazing Person and life imaginable.  Holiness cannot be attained by striving, nor by teaching.  Holiness is imparted to us as we fellowship with Jesus.  What a moral strength can be ours if we will open our hearts to commune with Him.