April 10

You are good, and do good… Psalm 119:68

God’s goodness is the basis for our bold approach to Him in prayer.  We may not always agree with God’s ways, because we do not always understand them.  But we can be absolutely certain of His goodness in all that He does.  Many people wonder whether it is always God’s will to heal the sick.  However we may answer this question, one thing is certain – God is always good and He has the best in view for His children.  When your heart fails with sorrow at bereavement or difficulties or pain, go to God with faith in His unfailing goodness.  He wants to bless and exercise His loving rule over our lives.  Here lies the basis for faith in God as we pray.  There need be no doubt at all as we pray, for God will answer, and all that He does will flow from the everlasting streams of goodness and mercy that flow unceasingly from His Being.