January 26

You have asked a hard thing. 2 Kings 2:10

Elisha was invited by Elijah to present his petition, before Elijah was taken up into heaven in a whirlwind. So Elisha asked for a double portion of the prophet’s spirit. This was no mean prayer, because it was bound up with the ruggedness and fearless righteousness that undergirded Elijah’s life and witness. Elisha could have asked for something really easy, such as a quiet life, or a retirement bungalow, or lots of money. Often our praying centres on the desire for an easy life – bless me and my family, and make us comfortable! We might not pray like that directly, but that is the implication. God is challenging us to step out of the consciousness of our little world that we do not want anyone to disturb. We are to step onto the stage of the grand plan of the ages, and pray a prayer that is worthy of the One to whom we pray. We might start by asking for a good portion of His character and Spirit, but God would surely take us much further than we can guess. Get a larger perspective, and start asking God something really hard. Perhaps there is a prayer tucked in the back of your heart that you have not dared pray because it is just too big for you. That is God’s speciality – hard things, impossible things – dare to pray for them. God loves a challenge!