March 19

Your kingdom come. Matthew 6:10

This is the second prayer of the believer, and once more it is not for us, it is for God. This prayer is for the rule of God to extend first to the one praying. Submission of all that we are is one of the most Christ-like qualities that we must put on, and it is the foundation of this prayer. God’s rule is full of the mercy and goodness of His nature. Where God spreads His kingdom, there too He spreads His direct care. God takes full responsibility for all that He rules. He is a Father over His kingdom, not a chief executive officer. God is the King of Love, and His kingdom is a kingdom of love. As we bow in prayer, God’s rule is extended over us and through us, with all the healing and power of the Person of God. God’s kingdom is not weighted down with bureaucracy. Every member of the kingdom knows the King and is personally related to Him. To be in this kingdom is to be in righteousness, peace and joy in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Truly, Your kingdom come, Lord!