March 25

Your prayer is heard… Luke 1:13

This is an astonishing fact that the angel communicated to Zachariah. He was explaining that events were unfolding because Zachariah had prayed. This is remarkable, because these were probably prayers of the distant past, when Zachariah and Elizabeth had some hope that they would be able to have a child. Now Zachariah had stopped praying and had certainly stopped believing. But this did not hinder his former prayers, spoken in faith, from being answered. Let this be an encouragement to you to persist in prayer. Our prayers are recorded and stored up with God, awaiting the time of their fulfilment. Learn from this story and let your prayers go up before the Lord in abandoned joy and faith. Ask for the impossible – for the barren womb to bring forth even in old age. God is the God of the impossible, and it is the humanly impossible that drives us to prayer. God begins His great works with people who are barren and weak, and it is from the position of such weakness that we pray. And remember, all your prayers have been stored up with God, like seeds that will bring forth harvest in His time.