April 1

Your throne, O God, is forever and ever… Hebrews 1:8

The greatest thing that can be said about Jesus is that He is God.  Thomas was the only one of the disciples to make this confession, when he said at the resurrection appearance of Jesus: “My Lord and my God!” – John 20:28.  We often think that Thomas was a doubter.  Perhaps he was struggling with the realisation that Jesus must Himself be Almighty God.  Perhaps his faith was pressing through to a confession that would take his spiritual life into a wholly new dimension.  Sometimes our confession of faith is too routine.  Do we truly realise the implications of this confession?  Christ is God, and that means He is infinite, eternal, unchangeable and almighty.  In the light of Who He is, adjectives like just ‘mighty’ become totally inappropriate.  He is not powerful, He is all-powerful.  He is not strong, He is the Creator of heaven and earth.  He does not have great authority, He is the eternal judge of all human beings, with the power of life, death and hell, and holds everyone’s destiny in His hands.  Confess Him as your personal Lord, but at the same time realise that He is Lord of all, and He is God.  Worship Him and remember that there is nothing that is kept back from Him.  He is everywhere, all-knowing and all-wise.  The word ‘infinite’ is the best adjective to use in order to try to express the absence of boundaries in His life.  He is God.