March 20

Your will be done… Matthew 6:10

We are given the grace of playing a role in our destiny through the gift of free will. Whether we like it or not, we have to make choices all the time, and we cannot blame any other will for what we have chosen. Most of the time people are passive and allow choices to be made on their behalf, allowing life to flow over them. Though they may not be aware of it, this is an exercise of their will. Doing nothing is the action of negligence and it is as morally wrong as any misuse of the will. There is only one right use of free will, and that is to return it to the One who gave it. This must be done initially in an act of surrender to the will of God, but it must also be renewed every day, as we surrender to God what is rightfully His. This is not the abdication of our will in order to be passive. It is the engagement of our will to co-operate with and yield to the will of God. Sometimes this is called commitment. Our hearts must be set on obedience to this wonderful will and plan of God. As we surrender to His will, we find the power of a new heart, which includes a new will, flowing into us, working in us to will and to do His good pleasure.