February 9

“Your words have been harsh against Me”, says the Lord… Malachi 3:13

God takes us seriously when we speak; we would be shocked if we realised how seriously. When we say we feel let down by people, or by life, and that we really feel like giving up, God listens. God takes note of every casual word, and sometimes it is the casual asides we say under our breath that come from the deepest part of us. God reasoned with His people in Malachi’s day, to let them know He could hear them. Isaiah cried out because of his unclean lips, and God touched them with burning coals – Isaiah 6:5. And God can touch our lips today and cause us to speak faith – in the same way that Caleb did when he trusted that God would enable him to conquer the giants in Hebron – Joshua 14:12. It is only such childlike confidence in God that can really please Him. Look at the giants in your life, and thank God for the opportunity they present to prove His power and grace today. Speak faith under your breath. Let it become the habit of your tongue, and the instinct of your heart.